Generate Self-Signed Certificate For ESG

This application is intended to help users create self-signed certificate for the sole purpose of using it with US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) Electronic Submissions Gateway (ESG).

Please provide your details below to generate a certificate. Name and email you enter below has to match name and email used on your new FDA ESG account. If you made a mistake in entering the information then you can create a new certificate by entering correct information.

After you hit “Submit” below you will be able to download keys in a zip file. You will need a program to open zip files. CER file contained in zip should be used while registering for FDA ESG account and PFX should be used when sending submissions. If have an existing account and you are generating certificate to update then email CER file to ESG Help Desk to be installed into your account.

This password will be used to encrypt your private key, make sure to remember or store it securely. You need to use this password when sending submissions via FDA ESG. You will need to create a new certificate if you lose/forget the password.

Please enter the text appears in the box below: *

I certify that, the certificate generated by this application will be used for FDA ESG only.
If you have any questions or issues with this application please contact ESG helpdesk.